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Tennessee Titans: Which button would you press?

Monday 18 June, 2018 | RSS Feed

Tennessee Titans: Which button would you press?

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A fun game for Tennessee Titans fans.

You may have seen this already, but if you haven’t there is a tweet by ESPN that I think is really interesting for Tennessee Titans fans.
We are in the doldrums of the NFL calendar, so there isn’t a lot of hard, concrete news. That means it is a fun time to either look to the past, look to the future or speculate some fun scenarios.

Then that tweet popped up and I thought it would be interesting to think about what each button could be and try to figure out what would be the best case scenario for the Titans. There are two in particular that really intrigue me.

Let’s go through what each “button” would be:
This one is intriguing because if you are a Titans fan and you know this, you could live it up all you wanted to this year and just move forward with your alegiance towards the Nashville Predators, Memphis Grizzlies, the Vols, or another team.

Still, it kind of sucks dooming a team for half a century. Sure the Titans may not win a title this year, but you have to think over the next 51 years Tennessee will win more than one title right?

Blue Button:  Your team gets a new coach.

I don’t know that this appeals to Titans fans very much. I think the vibe on Vrabel right now is cautiously optimistic.

The most important thing he has going for him to this fan base is that he isn’t Mike Mularkey. On top of that, he is a young rising coach that has ties to New England and whose body of work Jon Robinson was very familiar with.

The thought is that with these two leading the team off the field and with a talented roster, the team is in good shape.

I think that if you are trying to sell someone as a HC that might be better, guys like Lincoln Riley and Dabo Swinney are names that could excite you but there is no “dream coach” out there right now.

Green Button: Trade your best player for the NFL’s best player.
That is really interesting. First of all, I assume tat the Titans best player is either Marcus Mariota, Taylor Lewan or Jurrell Casey.

Then the NFL’s best player is who? Tom Brady? No thanks, he is already talking about retirement and I can’t see him going for three more years.

Aaron Rodgers? Ok, now we are talking…but I still think that the way he views his contract would make him hard to keep on a roster long term.

This one is tough, but it would probably be great for the Titans short term unless you think Mariota will be the best QB in the NFL next year.

Pink Button: Free season tickets for life.

If they are box seats then it is almost impossible to turn this one down if you are just thinking about yourself. I mean, if you get the best seats in the house, you are looking at $130,000 per year.

So I mean, yea I am not turning down a million dollars every 8 years.

Yellow Button: Suit up for one game with your favorite team.

Hahahaha. Absolutely not. I’m not getting destroyed on the field.

Orange Button: Your team gets the #1 prospect for the next two years

If I am thinking about the best thing for the team and money is not an option to me then this is what I pick.
This year, the top prospect is either Nick Bosa or Ed Oliver. Let’s say it is Bosa because EDGE>IDL.

In the 2020 NFL Draft the top prospects will probably be either Dylan Moses, Cam Akers, Jaelen Phillips, or a QB. If I am playing just for the Titans, I would probably say Dylan Moses.

So now this is your projected defense in 2020 would be:

EDGE: Harold Landry, Nick Bosa

DL: Jurrell Casey, Austin Johnson, DaQuan Jones

LB: Dylan Moses, Rashaan Evans

CB: Adoree Jackson, Logan Ryan, Malcolm Butler

S: Kevin Byard, Dane Cruickshank

That would be a top-5 defense in the NFL with 5 players on rookie contracts.

What would I pick?

-For me: Pink Button

-For the Tennessee Titans: Orange Button

Spending all your other money and resources into offense while having an elite young defense would be amazing. In this dream scenario, this would be my best case scenario.

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